Electronic Materials and Device Engineering



ANDO, Koshi, D.Eng.

NAKAI, Ikuo, D.Sc.

KISHIDA, Satoru, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

KITAGAWA, Masahiko, D.Eng.

OHMI, Koutoku, D.Eng.

ICHINO, Kunio, Ph.D.

ABE, Tomoki, D.Eng.

Junior Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

KINOSHITA, Kentaro, D.Eng.


·  Physics of electronic materials, circuits and systems technologies for various solid state electronic devices

·  Magnetic materials for high density recording media applications

·  Advanced new technologies and device physics on low dimensional structure devices with quantum effects

·  Optoelectronic devices, especially blue-semiconductor lasers and detectors

·  Display devices based on electroluminescent devices and phosphor materials

·  Wide-bandgap semiconductor materials and crystal growth for photonic and lighting devices and phosphors

·  High-temperature oxide superconducting materials and devices combined with neuro-computing

·  Molecular and semiconducting devices for organic illumination, solar energy and displays