Course of Electrical       
  and Electronic Engineering

   Similar to the undergraduate course, the master course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is divided into three large divisions with eleven education and research laboratories: Information and Control Engineering, Electrical and Electronic System Engineering and Device Engineering.
   In this course, specialized education and research is carried out in a range of areas of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The aim of our program of study is to provide students with academic training and technical knowledge and skill to research Electrical and Electronic Engineering. As for education, courses ranging from advanced semiconductor theory to optoelectronics and electroluminescence are offered to our students. Moreover, the special subjects of communication theory, information theory, robotics and computer application from hardware and software are included in our curriculum. Students have opportunities to attend classroom lectures, besides much more time is assigned to their project works.
   Topics of the projects are decided through consulting with their professors. Project works are implemented through theoretical analyses, hardware and/or software experiments discussing procedures and intermediate results with their professors and researching staff. If they can get some new results through their studying, they can present their research results in both domestic and international academic conferences.
   About one third of the undergraduates enter the master's course.
   Students of the master's course execute projects with undergraduates and hence they are required to lead to and encourage the undergraduates for completing their graduation theses. Therefore, at the end of the course, the students can keep active in research and learn about leadership.
   The three year doctor's level graduate courses are offered to the students who intend to study special topics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and to get the doctor's degree.
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